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February 2019 Newsletter

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The Historic Stanley Home efforts continued to expand during the second month of the 2019 Capital Campaign, bringing us closer to our goal of preserving Mr. and Mrs. Stanley’s historic 1904 home.

We added to our Board of Directors in February when John Forster became the tenth and final Board member. Though not a resident of Estes Park, John firmly believes in the importance of the mission to save the Stanley Home. Meet the board.

Although Estes Park residents will need to lead the way, the Foundation has already received significant support from outside of Colorado. There is a hunger to save the best of our past wherever it is, and we anticipate important support from all over the United States. This is especially true considering the thousands of visitors who value this place and will enjoy visiting the Stanley Home after its purchase.

In addition to growing our volunteer base, significant fundraising success has occurred in January and February. Though it is early in our fundraising efforts, we have a very good start! We are pleased with the fact that over 200 gifts have been made to the Foundation since its inception. Hundreds more will be needed.

Celebrating Women’s History Month

It’s fairly common knowledge that F.O. Stanley made significant contributions to Estes Park. However, little is known about Flora Stanley and the inspirational life she led. In celebration of Women’s History month, we would like to honor this remarkable woman. Mrs. Stanley was an accomplished woman, active in this community and also played a key leadership role in the campaign to establish Rocky Mountain National Park. Learn more about Flora Stanley.

Interested in Volunteering?

If you feel strongly about this mission succeeding, please volunteer your time, talent, and resources to this cause. This is our only year of opportunity to accomplish this important mission. We have several fundraising and awareness events planned at the home throughout the spring and summer. If you are interested in serving as a docent at the Stanley Home, please contact our volunteer staff for additional information.

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